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Remediations: Prints

Archival inkjet print on paper

30" x 40"

Remediations: Prints is part of a series of digital video and print works exploring intersections of surveillance footage, mass media entertainment and traditional art media. Both the subject matter and process engaged in this series of works is one of "remediation." The source material for this work was originally surveillance footage of a robbery in progress. When I encountered the material it had already undergone a series of transformations from surveillance footage and evidence into entertainment. First it had been edited into a narrative form for television reality/drama programming, then it had ended up as remediated entertainment material in a further edited excerpt on an internet video broadcasting site. The prints in this series began as video stills that were printed small-scale, then drawn over in color pencil, and were finally rescanned and printed as large-scale art prints. The hand drawn textures and presentation as art prints provide another window through which to question the reproduction of imagery.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.