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Time Portrait 2: Print

Interactive video installation created in collaboration with Clement Valla.

Camera, computer, LCD screen, inkjet printer, paper, custom software.

Micromediations exhibition, Sol Koffler Gallery, RISD, 2008

Time Portrait 2: Print is the second iteration in the ongoing Time Portrait series. As with the first Time Portrait, custom software created in Processing is used to transform a live video feed of the viewer into a fading, layering succession of black and white imagery. As the images layer, they display fragments of time and movement that appear as a mixture of still, moving and fading images. As viewers interact with the work, generating imagery, an inkjet printer is programmed to produce still prints of images at predetermined intervals.  As the video imagery is spontaneously generated and not recorded, each of the prints is a unique image that may not be reprinted. As such the prints represent a specific moment in time. Images fall from the printer, gather in a pile on the floor, and may be taken from the gallery by viewers.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.